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An interview with God

Sorthvit has landed an exclusive interview with God

The Bible has stood the test of time as the best selling book in the world which continues to daily change people’s lives. Sorthvit has landed an exclusive interview with the author of this book – God himself.

You are the author of the book which yearly tops the bestseller list with 25 million copies sold worldwide per year. How does that feel? 

I can answer with an excerpt from Psalm 16:9, “Therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoices.” This verse is a good description of how I feel when people read my book, especially those reading it for the first time. When people I’ve followed since they were conceived read a verse for the hundredth time and suddenly understand what it means, that also brings a smile on my face.

Such a popular book with sales records such as your’s must lead to a high intake. Have you noted this intake? 

Basically, everything that is your’s is mine. The fact of the matter is that I am the one who created gold and put it inside of the mountains. I have chosen that the ones who print and sell my book keep everything they make off of the book. Perhaps it is wise to remember the words which I wrote about money, that “people who long to be rich fall into temptation and are trapped by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” I am clear that I have not written this book to earn money; I have enough of that up here. People reading this book is much more important to me than money.

About that, is there a special target group that you want to reach? 

In the beginning it was first the Jews then the Greeks and so on. But the goal has always been that everyone would have the opportunity to read the book. The last two thousand years have seen many monks completing the formidable task of copying and translating the book, and then the job of translation and printing really took off after Gutenberg came with his invention. You also need to take into account that I have also something to do with the process as well. In the last fifty years the internet has proved to be an interesting phenomenon which has also made it possible to share the book more quickly than before.

You have written a lengthy and diverse book; where would you recommend someone to start reading? 

Well, Genesis is genuinely a good start with creation and I write about how I have challenged several people to follow me. Of course, one of the gospels is also a good place to pick up the story. Jesus had many challenges with his disciples, and many people find the disciples as more relatable characters than say, Noah or Moses.

Do you have some favorite characters? 

I have to admit that I am a bit biased when it comes to this question and always enjoy reading about my own son. My eyes never fail to be wet with tears when I read about the crucifixion, but the tears soon dry when I move on to his resurrection. Of course, the format of the drama is part of the writing style, but because it is a true story, it is also much more exciting than a normal drama.

What genre would you place your book in? Your book contains crime, poetry, and science fiction to name just a few. 

Science…, what? I promise you that this book, as I have said before, is based on reality. It contains little fiction, even though we often use pictures or parables. When it comes to genres, I rather feel like some of the authors who have come after have attempted to copy genres out from my book than the other way around. They’ve had varying degrees of success, too. Dan Brown, for example, tried the action genre. I think he just forgot that the book which changed people’s lives is actually the truth.

We can also add that there are many people who have also talked very negatively about your book. How do you tackle the amount of criticism you have received? 

Strangely enough, I also mention that in the Bible. I love them. This is love, you know, that it is not the critics who love me, but I love them and sent my one and only son as a propitiation for their sins.

The Bible was originally written in Hebrew and then in Greek. Do you feel like the translations which have come afterwards have done justice to your book? 

There are always some small changes that come with the translation of a work, but all in all I am very pleased with the majority of translations. The main point of the book is difficult to miss, no matter what translation you read it in.

Would you say that this has been a solo project? 

No, not in any way. Holy Spirit has been very active in the process and he has also provided my co-authors with pens, paper, and inspiration. And even though I am the one behind the content of the book, there is no doubt that it would have been difficult to complete the project without the help of my co-authors. They encompass every walk of life, as well: fishermen, doctors, prophets, kings, you name it. These people have been important contributors who have also given the book each their own personal touch.

Some faiths have sought to expand the Bible by adding new books to it. Have you found there to be things, after the first publication, which you wish that you could have put in or even taken out?  

No, there is nothing that I would like to add or take out. But now that you’ve asked me, some of the rules which I gave to the Israelites to follow have caused a lot of misunderstanding in the long run. Maybe I should start to consider taking those out? [God laughs at this point]

No, just kidding. I am very happy with the way the book is. Maybe I should remind you of what I wrote in Revelations, that nothing should be taken away or added to this book? That will always be my word on this subject.   

Okay, but about the Israelites and those rules… 

As you know, in the Old Testament, the Israelites were my chosen people and in contradiction to today where everyone can chose to put their trust in my son and receive Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit came over just a few back then. I stand fully and completely for every principle laid down in my book, and everything written there was written with a purpose. At the same time, it is also clear that some things were written in context for a tribe living in the Middle East a few thousand years ago. I can divulge enough to let you know that, yes, you can wear clothes today made from different fabrics, even though it seems to contradict Leviticus 19:19. If you decide to read the books of the law with an open mind, you will be surprised to discover many good principles for everyday life today.

You have the Old Testament and the New Testament; have you ever considered writing a trilogy? 

It is true enough that right now, I have the Book of Life laying right beside me. It is an ongoing project that I won’t finish with until I send Jesus back. However, I promise this much: the ending will be spectacular.


Written by the sorthvit editors. Translated by Emily

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