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Our target readers are youth in the age between 17 and 27 with a Christian cultural background. We wish to summon, motivate and equip them to follow Jesus and make a positive impact on their surroundings.


We want to point towards the personal relationship with God as a natural part of our daily life. We want to tell the truth about God, and the truth about man. We want to do this through articles on subjects such as faith, everyday life and lifestyle.


We believe that God is alive and omnipresent, not only inside the four walls of the church, but in a world where Christian fate may seem irrelevant. Therefore, we want to point towards God in society and show that he is also present in good culture and art.


We want to promote a healthy and positive understanding of the Christian faith and partake to make an aware and visible Christian identity. We want to build bridges and understanding between Christians by focusing on what we have in common, more than what separates.


We believe:

  • That believing in Jesus is a natural and important part of life.
  • That God is alive and kicking and relevant for all people.
  • That the bible tells the true story about Jesus and shows Gods will for our lives.
  • That God is holy, almighty and a trinity. Creator of the universe, its upholder and completer.
  • That Jesus is Gods only son, sent to this world to die for our sins, and resurrect so that we can get eternal life.
  • That the Holy Spirit lives in the believers, gives life and convince us of sin.
  • That the church is not one certain congregation, but Gods presence among the believers in the world.

We believe that in the beginning, everything was good. Therefore we want to take back all that once was made beautiful.


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