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Faith in the Workplace

Where will those who are complete strangers to christianity find living faith?

Introducing new people to the gospel should be our focus as christians regardless of which church we attend. Maybe we could help in this by having more “user friendly” gatherings with lower requirements and incorporate in a lot of warmth and grace while still having a clear gospel message? The churches’ methods, culture, language, form, and colors need to communicate something to people. The church also need to plant new churches.

But when it comes down to it, do we believe that we reach those of us who in their everyday lives are very far from any kind of church environment by living normal lives as christians who hold the most important key of life? It is you and me who can take our faith into our daily lives; at work, at school, in our neighborhood, and when we meet with friends. If the gospel is going to find credibility amongst modern materialists and idealists who live for self realization and careers, then it needs to be lived out by christians amongst their neighbors, friends, and colleagues.

Those of us who will never, of their own free will, set a foot inside of a church no matter how cool or relevant that church is need to meet individuals who live attractive and different lives, regardless of how they dress or whether you find them in a parent-teaching meeting or at a cafe. The skeptical, urban, career oriented people of the West also have basic needs. They need to be seen and heard, feel included, and have friends who care about them. They also need to see people who have busy lives take time to connect to a spiritual dimension and receive their happiness from other channels than money.

If we dare to take our faith with us into our everyday lives as a natural part of our identity, lifestyle, and values we create credibility and a longing for God. Therefore, perhaps one of the most important things which a church can aid with is equipping everyday christians to be people who let Jesus shine through their lives, regardless of where they are.


By Anne Gustavsen.


Translated by Emily Huyck

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